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Lucky Cat Laser Tattoo Removal charges on the size and complexity of the tattoo.Prices start from £50 per treatment for 1 square inch and increases by £10 every additional square inch.This is a rough guide as all tattoos are different and will require a face to face consultation to assess what the final cost per treatment will be.Larger tattoos such as back pieces are custom priced at the consultation as we will work out a plan to best tackle the large area in a way that suits your budget.

prices start from :

1 inch squared = £50

2 inch squared = £60

3 inch squared = £70

4 Inch squared = £80

5 inch squared = £90

If you are looking for a rough idea of price you can measure your tattoo (Length and Breadth in INCHES) and send me a clear image of your tattoo via email to 

Final price per treatment will be worked out at our face to face consultation.

Consultations are free  but we take a £20 deposit to secure your appointment, this can then be used towards your deposit for your first treatment session or refunded if you want to take some time to think or you do not wish to use our services. We take a 30% deposit when booking you in for your treatment. We can roll this deposit on to your next booking and you can pay for your treatments in cash or card.

Coming soon!  This site will have a get a quote function, Blocks of treatments and much more!

Pricing: About
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